Kenny Chesney, I Think I Want My Rib Back Tabs/Chords

Verse 1
Now, the Bible tells a story ‘bout Adam’s rib.
How the Lord made a woman for companionship,
G          D          G
Hell, the first thing she did was take a bit of that forbidden fruit.

Verse 2
I Guess we’ll be paying till the end of time,
At least that’s how it is with that woman of mine,
G           D           G
Oh Lord!, I think I want my rib back.

Well, this is wrong and baby that ain’t right,
But I’m working trying to please that woman day and night
C             D
She’s never satisfied although I try to do the best that I can.

This is gotta change or honey I’m gonna leave,
Well I won’t let evolution make a Monkey outta me
G          D         G
Oh Lord!, I think I want my rib back

Verse 3
There’s been a hole in my wallet and a pain in my side,
Every since I made that girl my blushing bride
Her daddy calls her angel and her mama calls her three times a night

Verse 4
Her cousin’s on my sofa, her sisters got my car
Her brother’s drank my liquer like my house was a bar,
Oh Lord!, I think I want my rib back

Chorus once Again